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MBSD Competition Team 

Our award winning competition team is a constant source of pride and joy for our studio. For almost 20 years, we have been competing regionally and nationally, earning both awards as well as new experiences and dance opportunities for our team members. Awards earned by our team include Studio of Excellence, Top Studio, Choreographer of the Year, and many more dance-specific awards. 


How do I join?

Being part of a competition is a big commitment and requires more extensive training than recreational classes. Most competition team members take classes 3-5 days a week. In addition to these classes, dancers are expected to practice their routines and skills when at home to further perfect their dance education.


Because of the responsibilities needed to be a team member, we have found the best way to find new members is to observe our dancers at class throughout the year. If we find that a dancer has the ability to meet our team expectations, we will invite them to join at the end of the year.

If you are interested in joining from another team, please feel free to contact Ms. Bridget

at (810) 714-4226


Team Member Expectations

If you are looking to become a team member, there are many responsibilities that you and your family must commit to.

  • Strict Attendance Policy: Dancers are only allowed to miss their competition dance practice 2 times each year. 

  • Technique Classes: In addition to their regular classes and competition dance practices, dancers are required to take a technique class each week. 

  • Additional Fees: In addition to paying for regular class fees, there is an additional monthly payment for competition classes. Separate from monthly payments, there are fees to compete at each competition. There is also a costume deposit for competition costumes that is separate from the recital costume deposit. 

  • Competitions: During the winter/spring, dancers and their families must be prepared to set aside full weekends to compete at regional competitions (every other year they will compete at a national competition in the summer). All competitions are mandatory and often come with mandatory classes. 


Ages & Team Levels

Our competition team ranges in age from 5-18. We have 4 different team levels/classes that separate the team by their age and dance ability: Petites, Juniors, Majors I, and Majors II. 

Competition Season

The competition season begins in August for team members. Dancers will start with one week of technique classes followed by two weeks of choreography classes where they will learn and audition for new team dances. 

They begin dance practice at the same time as recreational dancers in September and continue through the year until the last competition of the season is completed. 

In January, the team performs their new routines at our annual team showcase. Beginning in February, they will begin to compete (usually monthly) at various regional competitions. The regional season normally ends in May. Dancers then perform at recital in June. Depending on the year, team members will compete at a national competition between June/July. 

While the competition team is a big commitment, it is incredibly rewarding

In addition to improving our dancers skill and education level, we strive to provide them with new experiences, memories, and life skills that will benefit them long after they exit our team. 

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