How to use Zoom

There are two ways to use Zoom: Computer or Mobile Device

Scroll down, or click the button with your preferred method to go to the instructions

Using Zoom on your mobile device
Step One

Go to the app store or Google Play store and download the Zoom app


Step Two

Once you have opened the app, click 'Join a Meeting'

You do NOT need to create an account to join the class.


Step Three

Enter the meeting ID that we sent out via Remind and enter your name. (you can also turn off your video/audio). Then press 'Join a Meeting' to enter the class.


Using Zoom on your computer

This will require installing the Zoom application OR creating an account to use in browser

Step 1.jpg
Step One

In your preferred browser, enter the address:


Step 2.jpg
Step Two

Once on the Zoom website, click on 'Join a Meeting' in the top right corner.


Step 3.png
Step Three

Enter the Meeting ID number we sent out via Remind and then click 'Join'


Step Four

This will begin the installation of the Zoom app. If already installed, click 'Open Zoom' 

If not, follow your computer's steps for installation


Step 5.jpg
Step Five

You're in! Now you have the option to turn your camera and audio on/off if you choose (If your video is on, it will be visible to the rest of the dance class.)