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Countdown to Recital!

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Recital is a little over a month away! Here is some information to help get you prepared. Some frequently asked questions about recital are at the bottom.

Recital & Rehearsal

  • Recital is June 15 & 16 (Thursday & Friday) at 6:00 PM.

    • Auditorium will open at 5:30.

    • Dancers are required to be dressed, ready, and in their dressing rooms by 5:30.

    • The Tuesday I class routines will perform on Thursday night only. The preschool and kindergarten class routines will perform on Friday night only. (If any preschool, kindergarten, or Tuesday I dancers are also in acro, hip hop, or contemporary, they will perform those routines both nights)

    • All other classes will perform both nights.

  • Rehearsal is June 12 & 13 (Monday & Tuesday).

    • A schedule for rehearsal will be sent out soon.

    • Dancers must be dressed in their costumes with full make up & hair (low bun) for their rehearsal time.

    • In order to stay on time, dancers need to arrive dressed and ready 15 minutes before their rehearsal time.

  • Both recital and rehearsal will be held at Hartland Performing Arts Center (9525 E Highland Rd, Howell, MI 48843)


Recital Tickets

  • Tickets are available for preorder until May 21st. If Ms. Bridget does not get the money for your tickets by the 21st, you will have to purchase your tickets at the door.

    • Preorder Tickets: $17

    • Tickets at the door: $22

  • Dancers that sold 15+ items for pizza kit fundraisers:

    • Preorder tickets: $13

  • To preorder recital tickets please send in a check made out to Bridget Accetta or cash (no Venmo), with specified number of how many tickets per night in an envelope with your dancer’s name on it.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Are seats able to be reserved?

    • No. To keep it fair for everyone, we do not allow anyone to reserve seats in the auditorium. To make sure you get a good seat, we recommend getting to the lobby by 5:30 when the auditorium is opened.

  • Am I allowed to take pictures/videos during recital?

    • NO! The use of cameras/phones during the performance is very distracting to the dancers on stage and to the patrons around you. It is strictly prohibited during recital. DVD's of each nights performance is available to purchase in the lobby.

  • Am I allowed to visit my dancer in their dressing room?

    • No. Parents may help their dancer get set up before the show, but we ask that all family members and guests remain in the lobby or auditorium. We have assigned at least two parent helpers for each class to assist the dancers get ready for each dance and take them to and from the stage. All you have to do is relax and enjoy their performance!

  • I have a family member that is handicapped, where do I go?

    • We will have several volunteers available that are working and taking tickets. Let them know when you arrive that you need assistance and they will gladly take you to the ramp entrance.

  • Can I purchase flowers for my dancer?

    • Yes! Flowers, concessions, and DVD's will be available to purchase in the lobby. You are welcome to come earlier

  • Does my preschool, kindergarten, or Tuesday I dancer have to stay for the full recital?

    • No. These dancers will perform their own finale right before intermission (the halfway point of the show). Unless they are in acro, hip hop, or contemporary, they can leave or stay and watch the rest of the performance in the audience.

  • Who is allowed to attend rehearsal?

    • Rehearsal is only open to dancers, teachers, and the class volunteers (during the time slot of their class). This keeps the dancers from getting distracted and allows for a smoother practice time.


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