Only dancers allowed in the studio

Only dancers will be allowed inside the studio. Parents are to remain in their cars while waiting for their dancer to finish class. No waiting will be permitted in the lobby. 

No hanging out between classes

Dancers will not be able to hang out in the studio in between classes. They will have to be picked up or wait in cars outside.

Masks *Updated October 2021*

Masks are not required in classes, but they are strongly encouraged. 

Dance Attire

All dancers may wear a BLACK leotard or black dance-wear only. Hair must be pulled up in a bun or ponytail.

Street Shoes

No street shoes are allowed on the dance floor. Please take them off in the lobby and place them on the shelves provided. It would also be a good idea to put your name in your shoes so they don't get mixed up with another dancers.


No food or drinks are allowed in the dance room. Only water in a container with a lid is allowed. Soda/fountain drinks are not allowed in the studio.

Cell Phones

Cellphones are not permitted in class. Charging of any electronic devices is also not allowed.